Post Hospital Care

Support & expert care at home when you return from hospital

CarePilot Care Managers can help you get home faster and stay home, where you are most comfortable and want to be.

Post-hospital care is best when a team based, interdisciplinary approach is taken and overseen by an expert Care Manager. The post-hospital care team may include a number of different health care professionals, support workers, community supports, family and friends and can be  managed by the Care Manager, leaving you or your loved one to just focus on getting better.  

Medical and Home Nursing Care

Medication Management and/or Home Nursing
Arranging follow-up appointments with doctors and therapists
Management of symptoms like pain or wounds

Care Management

Liaising with hospital staff to understand your discharge needs
Facilitating a home discharge plan

Domestic Assistance

Provide assistance around the home, cleaning, shopping and transport
Ensuring domestic assistance like shopping and cleaning are not overlooked

Home Modifications

Modify your home to support ongoing living at home.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Have a carer attend your home to assist with showering, dressing, personal washing and hygiene

Specialised goods and equipment

Coordinating delivery of home goods and equipment

Get the right care that you want, when you want it, tailored to your needs

Get support tailored to your needs

Holistic assessment

Practical recommendations

Improve your quality of life

Physical rehabilitation e.g. fine motor skills

Teach techniques to accomplish tasks

Choosing a care manager to guide you

The care team at CarePilot have extensive experience in coordinating and managing post-hospital care. 
They understand the complexities of arranging all that will be needed for someone to discharge home from hospital safely.
You have enough to worry about when it comes to recovering from an accident or illness. Focus on your recovery and let CarePilot handle the rest.

Costs can vary depending on the supports that are needed. Medicare and private insurance may cover some care options and there may be government subsidised programs for which you are eligible that can help offset costs. 
To understand your options, book an appointment with one of CarePilot’s expert care managers.

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.