Shopping & Groceries

Shopping is now easier

There are many reasons why you may need help with shopping - recovering from an injury or illness, physical limitations, or not being able to drive, etc. Whatever the reason, CarePilot is here to help. At CarePilot, we make it easier to find assistance to take you out shopping or to do it for you because of limitations.

Regular shopping assists in maintaining fresh food in the home ensure medication prescriptions are filled in a timely manner or even help you get new clothing for that upcoming special event.  

Personalised Shopping Made Easy

A care worker who helps with shopping can:

Do the shopping for you or your loved one so you don’t have to

Accompany you or your loved one to assist with carrying items

Drive you or your loved one to the shops

A shopping service can include

Trip to the chemist for medications

Picking up fresh fruit and vegetables

Visiting the butcher for fresh meat

Stocking up on toiletries (soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.)

Getting new clothes and homeware

Going to the bank

How to get a Personalised Shopping Service

CarePilot has done the hard task of finding some of the most trusted care workers in the area.  By choosing a care worker through CarePilot, you know the professional you get has been extensively screened and is experienced in delivering support with respect. If you need a care worker who has a car or who needs to drive your car, please be sure to make this clear in your request.  

Medicare and private insurance do not cover this service. However there are some government subsidised programs for which you may be eligible that can help offset costs. Speak to CarePilot’s Care Services team to learn more.

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.