Medication Management

Keep all your prescriptions & medicines up to date

The care team at CarePilot have extensive experience in coordinating and managing medication services for the aged, persons with disability and those recovering from an accident or injury. We understand how difficult it can be to manage medications sometimes, especially when there are multiple medications that have to be taken at different times throughout the day. 

Let CarePilot help take the stress away from managing medications.

Medication Administration

A nurse preparing, physically giving and then evaluating the effectiveness of a prescribed medication to an individual. Administration can involve injections, IVs, patches, etc.

Medication Monitoring

Involves a care worker checking to see if someone has taken their medication as prescribed from a pharmacist filled blister pack. A care worker can then provide a medication reminder if a dose has been missed and/or report to an individual’s health care professional if any issues are identified.

Medication Reminders

Involves a care worker reminding you to take medications on time. Having a medication reminder can help you stay on track and decrease the risk of missing a medication dose.

Pharmaceutical Deliveries

A care worker can monitor when medications need to be replaced and arrange for medications to be delivered or collected, saving you the time and worry. This includes collecting pre-filled Webster packs from the pharmacy.

The Choice is yours

Whether you need help with medications for a short time while recovering from illness, or ongoing management of a chronic condition, CarePilot has options from which to choose.

CarePilot has access to qualified nurses and care workers who can assist with managing medication to provide you with as much or as little support as needed; the choice is yours.

How to get medication management at home

Costs can vary depending on a number of variables including the level of qualifications needed by the person managing the medication (eg. registered nurse vs care worker). 

Medicare and private insurance may cover some options for managing medications and there may be government subsidised programs for which you are eligible that can help offset costs. Get in touch to find out if you can benefit from these. 

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.