Home Modifications

Adapt your home to keep it safe & easy to live in

Home modifications help older people, people with a disability or people recovering from an injury or illness to continue living safely in their own homes by making minor adaptive changes to the home.

Home modifications are typically delivered as part of a plan supported by your healthcare team including your physiotherapist or occupational therapist and coordinated by a care manager.

Independence at home

Home modifications can include but are not limited to:

Installing handrails

Installing wheelchair ramps

Changing water taps or shower heads

Widening doorways

Changing out door handles or light switches for easier use

Small changes have a big impact

Home modifications can:

Improve safety at home

Support independence

Increase self-confidence

Decrease reliance on others

Reduce likelihood of residential care placement

How to get home modifications

The care team at CarePilot has extensive experience in coordinating and managing Home Modifications.
We understand the complexities of remaining independent at home and how important it can be to get the right supports in place to help you maintain your lifestyle. Let CarePilot’s care managers coordinate home modification services for you so you don’t have to worry.
Costs can vary depending on what changes need to be made. There are government-subsidised programs which you may be eligible for that can help offset some of the costs. To understand your options, book an appointment with one of CarePilot’s expert care managers.

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.