Cognitive Care

Providing high quality care for people with cognitive impairment

Cognitive Care is best when a team based, interdisciplinary approach is taken and overseen by an expert Care Manager.

The team may include a number of different health care professionals, support workers, community supports, family and friends and can be managed by the Care Manager, giving everyone peace of mind knowing nothing has been overlooked.

Care Management

Creating a practical and flexible plan for staying at home

Liaising with your doctors & specialists

Facilitating Respite Care

Providing education, support, and practical advice for coping with the condition

Care Worker

Assist with personal care and hygiene

Medication monitoring

Meal preparation

Housekeeping & laundry


Transportation for social outings and appointments

Goods and equipment

Nutritional supplements

Mobility aids

Adaptive equipment

Home Nursing

Medication Administration

General nursing care

Specialist medical treatments

Get support tailored to your needs

Holistic assessment

Practical recommendations

Improve your quality of life

Support for you & your loved ones

You’re unique and so should be your Cognitive Home Care

Choose the supports you want when you want them.

CarePilot’s providers are health professionals you can trust. They have been selected only after careful consideration and deliver the best supports possible in the familiar comfort of your home.

A doctor’s referral for Cognitive Care is not needed, although the support of your doctor will help in maintaining an independent lifestyle on your terms.

Costs can vary depending on the supports that are needed. Medicare and private insurance may cover some care options and there may be government subsidized programs for which you are eligible that can help offset costs. Speak to CarePilot’s Client Services to learn more.

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.