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Your Current Home Care Package

Based on your income, your estimated personal contribution exceeds the government funding for this package level.
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Your Current Package

CarePilot Package

Government Contribution$14,837.25$14,837.25
Personal Contribution$3,686.50$3,686.50
Total Funds Available$18,523.75$18,523.75
Less Provider Administration Fee$3,704.75$2,289.92
Less Provider Case Management Fee$3,704.75
Funds available for support services$11,114.25$16,233.83
Hours of care or support per month
hrs per month
Calculated from $48/hr cost of care
hrs per month
Calculated from $48/hr cost of care

*Important: This calculator should be used as a guide only to assist you in comparing care plan providers. CarePilot Package calculations refer to our self-managed option and fees differ for fully-managed packages; an one-off upfront establishment fee of $390 applies for all packages. Funding allocations and care worker rates are revised periodically, care worker rates vary based on time and day of the week, and your personal contribution may vary depending on your specific circumstances. The results of the calculator have been based on the information you enter. This calculator is for personal use only and is in no way providing any recommendation or advice, nor does it consider whether CarePilot meets your individual needs.

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What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages are an Australian government funded program, designed to help empower ageing Australians manage their care needs at home.

Use funds for domestic assistance, transport, personal care, home modification & maintenance, meal planning, companionship and much more.

To qualify for a Home Care Package, you need to be assessed by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).

The ACAT will identify the right services for your needs and provide you with a letter stating what level of care you have been approved for.


CarePilot is an approved provider of Home Care Packages

What are the Subsidy Levels?

Once assessed, you will be notified what level you have qualified for

Package LevelDescriptionGovt. Funding*
Level 1basic care needs$8,045
Level 2low-level care needs$14,633
Level 3intermediate care needs$32,171
Level 4high-level care needs$48,906
* Note these rates are applicable from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017.

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