Do You Know About the Changes Happening to Home Care Funding?

21 Feb 2017  |
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    The process of receiving government-subsidised home care is complex, involving many variables and things to consider. With the introduction of Home Care Package Portability in early 2017, the way families choose and access these vital services has changed. While the reforms create greater choice and control for consumers, the process requires time and research to make well-informed decisions.

    Before February 2017

    The previous home care system allocated aged care support services to service providers, with limited consideration the individual’s personal preferences on where and how they wanted to receive care. After being assessed and allocated an appropriate level funding package, people could receive services by a care organisation who had been awarded from the government to run Home Care Packages. The control was weighted heavily on the side of the Care Provider. Because of this, if you were unhappy with the quality of care you received, it was difficult to change the situation.

    From February 2017

    Each individual, after being assessed and receiving their allocated package, can select the approved provider of their choice, matched to their needs, personal preference and budget. The consumer has a much wider choice of providers. The system is designed so the consumer can shop around to make an informed decision and also switch providers to get a better deal.

    The Changing Marketplace

    The new model of Consumer Directed Care has opened up stronger competition among home care package providers. This is great news for the consumer! Now you can review and compare all the services offered and fees charged among different providers to find the service that fits you best, and to get the best deal. However, all this choice can pose a problem for families who are unfamiliar with the different care organisations and don’t know what questions to ask.

    There is already a wide choice of package providers, and the market is growing. Shopping around can be a time-consuming and overwhelming exercise, especially for people with high care needs or families juggling family, work and other commitments.

    In these situations, an independent Care Manager can be a great help, being your advisor, taking you through the process, and helping you select the right service provider for you or your loved one’s needs. They can also act on behalf of your family to take care of the paperwork or negotiate switching service providers.

    If you would like to utilize the services of one of our expert Care Managers to support you through the process contact us on 1300 108 481.  To learn more about home care packages and how to apply for one, download our full Get Funded Guide here.

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