CarePilot Home Care Package Fee Schedule

03 Aug 2017  |
  • Home Care Packages
Happy grandparentsWith CarePilot, you can choose to self-manage your package if you prefer, or to draw on our team to manage all the arrangements for you if that suits you better.  This is reflected in our package options as below:

  • Self-Managed Package: With support from CarePilot, you manage your Home Care Package Services which includes scheduling and coordination of direct care services. 
  • Fully-Managed Package: All your Home Care Package services are managed by CarePilot’s Care Services team which includes your Care Manager and Care Advisor. 
You can choose to save even more on fees by selecting our self-managed option.  For Level 3 and Level 4 packages, our combined administration and case management fees are as low as 10%, as summarised in the table below:

Thumb fees packages carepilot

Note: all our home care package options include a one-off upfront Establishment Fee of $390. For more information about our home care packages or any of CarePilot's products, or if you have any queries, please contact us

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.