Are Your Parents Getting Frail? Here Are Two Common Implications For Your Life

04 Apr 2017  |
  • ageing parents
Pexels photo 147433When parents start getting frail, their way of life changes. Commonly, they need more security and a simpler approach to living. But it's not just the frail parent who has a change of circumstances. As their child, your life also changes. Here are the two common implications for your life.

1. Increased responsibility to manage their care needs

When people age, they need more support. That's normal, and it can be a great part of their life. Receiving more support can often give them back the sense of independence, rather than taking it away. But they are often not able to manage their own care, and you need to be aware that you may now need to take on the role of finding and managing their care needs, and being the point of contact to ensure their care support runs smoothly.

2. Increased Concern

Life really does come full circle. It's a beautiful experience, and each stage is filled with contrasts of joy and challenges. When you were a toddler, your parents were always concerned you'd fall over and hurt yourself. On the other side of life, it's now you who is concerned about your parents falling and hurting themselves. While it's not possible to remove that concern entirely, being proactive to put in place preventative measures to make their home as safe as possible for them will lower the concern and increase the levels of comfort for everyone.

Living with concern for your parents is part of the journey. But you don't have to expect a crisis. With the right supports, they can continue to live safely and confidently for many more years to come.

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