7 Steps to Help You Stay Healthy and Independent at Home with Home Care Services

19 May 2017  |
  • Home Care
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Your home provides comfort, familiar surroundings, family memories, community and a social network.  It is natural to want to stay with these comforts as you age.

The good news is you don’t have to leave the comforts of  your home behind, as there are ways you can keep your independence, with home care services and live a quality life in your retirement.

The Australian Government wants to support ageing Australians with home care services so you are able to stay in your own home.  

Here are 7 steps to help you stay healthy and independent in your own home longer:

1) Explore Your Options - What's Important to You?

It’s time to take control and explore the home care services options that are available to you, so you can make the best decisions to continue to do the things you like to do.

You don’t need to struggle with this on your own.  You can draw on free expert advice, so you can make better, more informed decisions on home care support, to meet your individual needs.

The Free Get Funded service from CarePilot can save you time and hassle.  A Care Manager from CarePilot will be able to help you determine if you are eligible for a Home Care Package and guide you through the application process.

2) Determine Your Needs

Consider what type of home care services assistance you would like, so that you can live more comfortably at home.

From February 2017, senior Australians seeking in-home care now have more choice about the quality of  in-home care.  You now have a say in the home care services you access, how they are delivered and who delivers them to you.  

Home care services you can choose include:
- Care Worker assisting you with duties around the home such as bathing, showering, dressing and light housework
- Access to Allied Health Professionals such as Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Podiatry
- Expert Care Manager to partner with your doctors and health care providers, to assist you in organising services
- Registered nurse visiting you at home

You can find out more about home care services to suit your needs here 

3) Get Organised with a System to Manage Your Needs

The future of in-home care is now here with CarePilot’s free self-service Care Platform.  

This free platform puts you in control and gives you flexible options as your needs change.

- Find & manage in-home care from a range of trusted care providers
- View & edit your schedule and receive alerts on upcoming appointments
- Invite & engage family on the latest care activities
- Manage your budget and control funds with online tools and monthly statements

4) Think Safety

Have a look around your house for any potential hazards
- Keep all walkways clear for easy access inside and outside of house
- Have steps in good condition with edges marked
- Check that all light bulbs are working and that you have good lighting in your house
- Get a night light for the toilet and check for good access and visibility to there 
- Have sensor lights for front and back doors
- Bathrooms should have safety rails and non-slip mats
- Consider whether you need a shower seat or toilet seat raiser
- Install ramps where needed for mobility
- Have phone or emergency call button easily accessed

5) Keep Active

Plan for some daily exercise that you enjoy.  This could be walking, water aerobics or gardening.

6) Eat Well

Plan your meals for food that you enjoy that is also healthy and good for you.  You can get assistance here with home care services from a Care Worker for shopping and preparing meals or a Dietitian for meal planning.  These are available for selection on your CarePilot platform 

7) Locate Your Important Documents

These include legal and financial documents that will be needed for assessing your home care services assistance plan

Next Step:

Contact CarePilot for free guidance on 1300 108 481 to find out how you can get access to a Government Home Care Package.   As the Government works on a waiting list, it is important that you act early to get your name on the Government's Home Care waiting list, to be able to be assessed as eligible to receive Government funded home care services.

“CarePilot’s support is good for mum and me. Whilst I am away for work I have the confidence she is being well looked after.”

Craig E.